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Precautions for using a heat gun Can a hair dryer be used instead

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1. Do not use heat gun with chemical (plastic) scrapers.

2. Please remove the dry paint from the nozzle or scraper after use to avoid fire.

3, please use in a well-ventilated place, because the residue removed from the paint of lead products is toxic.

4. Do not use a heat gun as a hair dryer.

5. Do not direct hot air at people or animals.

6. Do not touch the handle of the hot air gun when it is used or just after it is used. It must be kept dry, clean and away from oil or gas.

7. The heat gun should be completely cooled before being stored.

Heat gun is one of the most commonly used tools in mobile phone maintenance, and the technical requirements are very high. Heat guns are used for everything from removing or installing small components to large integrated circuits. In different occasions, there are special requirements on the temperature and air volume of the hot air gun. Too low temperature will cause virtual welding of components, and too high temperature will worst components and circuit boards. Too much air will blow away small components, and the choice of heat gun is also very important, do not choose low grade heat gun because of the price.

Hair dryer is a hair cutting tool, mainly used for drying and shaping hair, but also can be used for laboratory, physiotherapy room and industrial production, art and other aspects of local drying, heating and physiotherapy.

Heat gun is mainly a tool for welding and removing components by using hot air blown from the gun core of heating resistance wire.

Heat gun can be seen as a heated hair dryer is generally high power, high heat, belongs to engineering supplies. Hair dryer is generally without heating hair dryer, there are some with heating (like hair dryer, such as: blow the hair of the kind), this kind of hair dryer is low power, and the wind is not very big, belong to household appliances.

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Alisa Cheng  Phone: 18671533216  Email: changshou_01@qq.com

Sales Line:0715-3300699/3300577 QQmail:290691422@qq.com

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