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Comparison between industrial heat exchanger and ordinary heat gun

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The industrial hot air heater is made of stainless steel pipe with high temperature resistance 95 ceramics. SH series ventilators

Suitable for installation in the machine, equipment, instrument inside, can run continuously.

Application field of industrial hot air heater:

Industrial hot air heater is mainly used in the processing and production field of electronic and electrical industry.

1. Used for blowing welding electronic components, integrated circuit patches and components welding, removing excess solder on PCB circuit boards, CPU welding, picking, etc. In the recycling industry of waste electronic products, when the electronic circuit board components, BGA and other chips are removed, the hot air gun is used to heat the components so that the solder melts and falls off by itself.

2. Various types of drying and heating equipment, heat shrink film packaging and hot melt welding of model parts, chain oven and heating tunnel heating, solvent-free adhesive, hot melt adhesive bonding.

3, accelerate the activation and acceleration of chemical reactions, bottles, corks and cans and other packaging materials sterilization, tablet icing, cosmetics, chocolate surface treatment brightening.

4, cut chemical fiber fabric cutting, hot melt curing raw edge, accelerate mixing and remove the filler, mixing process of bubbles, remove plastic mold debris, enhance the surface luster of plastic parts.

Compare with ordinary heat gun

1. Electric heating material

Industrial heater: Non-magnetic chromium wire, free of iron, to avoid burning due to oxidation. It can be used safely in the food industry.

Ordinary heat gun: containing iron heating wire, easy to burn off oxidation.

2. Heat conduction

Industrial hot air heater: the electric heating wire is hidden in the ceramic cavity by hanging type. The hot air can pass evenly from both sides of the heating wire, so the air volume is large, the wind resistance is less, and the temperature of the electric heating wire is also low.

Ordinary hot air gun: the heating wire is bound on the porcelain column, the hot air passes from one side, the air volume is less, the wind resistance is large, and the temperature of the electric heating wire is high.

3. Processing technology

Industrial hot air heater: The heating wire adopts thick wire diameter and low surface power density design, so the heating wire has a long service life.

Ordinary heat gun: The electric heating wire diameter is small, the surface power density is high, easy to aging, short service life.

4. Long-term use

Industrial hot air heater: can be used 24 hours a long time uninterrupted, can be installed inside the equipment as a high temperature hot air source.

Normal Heat gun: Most heat guns cannot be done.

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