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The future development trend of plastic welding equipment is described

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As is known to all, welding equipment is also able to realize the welding process of the device equipment, with the development of industrialization, welding equipment is also toward the high efficiency automation, intelligent, energy saving, environmental protection of the direction of welding is developing. In fact, for welding, the product type is very much, the specification is very complete. In order to better meet the actual needs of welding equipment, then the overall development of welding equipment will be adjusted.
Plastic welding gun is a kind of welding method developed earlier and still widely used in various welding equipment. Plastic welding gun is simple, light and flexible in operation. Can be used in repair and assembly of short seam welding, especially can be used for difficult to reach the parts of the welding. With the corresponding electrode can be used in most industrial carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, nickel and its alloy.

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Alisa Cheng  Phone: 18671533216  Email: changshou_01@qq.com

Sales Line:0715-3300699/3300577 QQmail:290691422@qq.com

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