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On the correct maintenance skills of plastic welding gun

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As everyone knows, our country is a big industrial production country, various mechanical equipment in our country has become more and more advanced, for example, the application of plastic welding equipment, now many people are not very familiar with the maintenance skills of plastic welding gun. Today, the staff in Dongguan plastic welding gun manufacturers will give us a detailed account of the knowledge of plastic welding gun, hope you can help after reading.
The normal service life of plastic welding gun is about 5 years, properly maintained or even longer; Here we need to pay attention to several problems: first, the welding gun is best used by special people, special people keep; Two is to check the air volume of the outlet on time, clean up the gun tail filter net; Three is the discovery of different should be off the power supply immediately sent to repair, not to electricity.
Secondly, do a good job of auxiliary operations, first of all, can add a support for the welding gun, suspended operation time to place, the best distance from the ground more than 30CM. Secondly, after the completion of the operation, the temperature knob will return to zero, and then turn off the power supply after the outlet blows out cold air. Before use should carefully read the instructions, should not know the local consultation of our professional personnel, to avoid the use of errors.

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Alisa Cheng  Phone: 18671533216  Email: changshou_01@qq.com

Sales Line:0715-3300699/3300577 QQmail:290691422@qq.com

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