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What are the driving forces of advancing welding technology

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It is understood that welding technology has a history of more than 100 years since its invention, and it can almost meet the needs of the production of all important products in the current industry. But the development of new industries still forces welding technology to advance. The development of microelectronic industry promotes the development of microconnection technology and equipment; For example, the development of ceramic materials and composite materials has promoted vacuum brazing and vacuum diffusion welding. The development of space technology will also promote the development of space welding technology.
As we all know, welding consumes a lot of energy. Taking electrode arc welding as an example, each machine is about 10KVA, submerged arc welding machine is 90KVA, and resistance welding machine can be up to thousands of KVA. Many new technologies appear in order to achieve this energy-saving goal. In resistance spot welding, using the development of electronic technology, the AC spot welding machine into secondary rectification spot welding machine, can improve the power factor of the welding machine, reduce the capacity of the welding machine, 1000KVA spot welding machine can be reduced to 200KVA, and throw can achieve the same welding effect. In the last decade, the appearance of the inverter welding machine is another successful example, it can reduce the weight of the welding machine, improve the power factor control performance of the welding machine, has been widely used in production.
In order to improve the production efficiency and quality of welding structure, only starting from the welding process has some limitations, so the world pays special attention to the technical transformation of workshop. The main processes of the preparation workshop include material transportation, material surface removal, sand blasting, protective paint application; Steel plate marking, cutting, groove opening, component assembly and fixing. The above processes in modern factories have been mechanized, automated. Its advantage is not only to improve the productivity of products, but more importantly to improve the quality of products.

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Alisa Cheng  Phone: 18671533216  Email: changshou_01@qq.com

Sales Line:0715-3300699/3300577 QQmail:290691422@qq.com

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