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Analysis of the conditions required to improve the technical content of welding robot

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With the development of plastic welding material technology and the continuous progress of manufacturing process, more and more automobile exterior trim begins to use plastic materials instead of non-metal to manufacture. Plastic welding guns are relatively commonly used for welding heights. Typical applications of plastic exterior trim in passenger cars include bumper, radiator grille, fender, headlight housing, rearview mirror housing, sunroof system, door handles, body trim panel, engine cover, trunk lid, back door and hardtop.
According to the old master of Dongguan plastic welding gun manufacturers, welding in people's impression should be a spark, high temperature and other characteristics, but since the welding production line has been launched and widely used, these unique nouns seem to have nothing to do with it, the welding process has become efficient, flexible, automatic, intelligent and so on.
With the continuous breakthrough of welding robot technology and the continuous influx of industry practitioners, welding robot has been reduced from high-tech cloud to flat bottom, and has become a popular product that many enterprises can use, and the price has been declining. With the rapid development of microelectronic technology and the application of large-scale integrated circuit, the reliability of robot system has been greatly improved.
In order to further improve the technical content and intelligence of welding robot, welding robot must be combined with information technology, but information technology also needs the carrier, with information transformation of traditional industry and all walks of life, or to implement the use of automatic machines to complete the materialization of information, welding robot is one of its carriers.

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